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HTJY-Y Insulation Tester

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    HTJY-Y Insulation Tester adopts imported integrate circuit, produced according national standard, special used for insulator tests, very advanced in China. Mainly used for testing the resistance of HV transmission line on-site, to replace the un-qualified insulator in time, to ensure the wire working safely, it can be used as insulation resistance meter.
Alternative Name
     insulator tester, insulator resistance tester, digital HV insulator tester
1. Small in volume, light in weight. Dimension , 120mmí┴70mmí┴50mm
2. HV is formed by electronic circuit, power supplied by battery, without hand dynamo, one operator is enough.
3. Digital display, accurate, steady and intuitionistic to measure.
1. Measurement voltage, about AC 5000V.
2. Measurement distance, 0íź1999MΩ.
3. Resolution, 1MΩ.
4. Intrinsic error, ±5%.
5. Power:one 9V dry battery.
6. Current:about 20Ma.
7. Temperature, 0íŠíź40íŠ.
8. Humidity≤85 %.
9. Dimension: 120mm×70mm×50mm
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