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HT5600 Multifunction Dual-Clamp Earth Resistance Tester

  • Category:  Earth/Insulation Series
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    Uses special dual clamps no-connecting method ,do not need subsidiary terrestrial poles, do not need insulate the grounded equipment and load, realizes on-line testing
Alternative Name
    Earth resistance tester, dual-clamp resistance tester

1. Dual clamp/ ground anchor two methods:
   applies any ground site,  single or multiple point grounding.
2. Strong anti-jamming ability
3. Wide measurement range, high resolution
   range: 0.01Ω°ę200Ω, resolution: 0.01Ω£¨
4. Big jaw design:
   diameter :50mm (standard), special size according customers’ requirements.
5. Large-capacity data storage:200 groups
6. Easy to operate:
   small in volume, light in weight, portable explosion proof case, convenient to field test to carry. 

1. Earth resistance measurement range:
   dual clamp: 0.01Ω~200Ω
   ground anchor: 0.01Ω°ę200Ω
2. Error:
   dual clamp: ±3%±2 d
   ground anchor: ±2%±2 d
3. Minimum resolution: 0.01Ω
4. Jaw size: Φ50mm°°
5. Storage Capacity: 200 groups
6. Temperature: 0°ś ~ + 50°ś
7. Power supply: eight Ni-MH rechargeable batteries or common AA battery
8. Weight: 0.8KG (includes the battery)
9. Dimension: 265mmx130mmx65mm
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